Apple Should Really Hurry Up On Making Of The Holographic Smartphone Or They May Have A Horrible And Horrendous Demise


As humans we are always waiting for the next big thing to happen to us. Apple knows this and they are working on something as usual. This time, it is the iPhone 8 and we are waiting just as we have always done when we expected all the previous iPhones. This time I can’t help but wonder what the special feature will be. So many people are dying to know how Apple wants to add to the iPhone as an increase in technology this time; how does the company want to enhance their device in such a way that it will be loved and accepted by all? There are speculations that the next iPhone will have an upgrade in its FRT which is the Facial Recognition Technology. This means your phone’s password will be recognizing your face which I think is a wonderful security feature. It’s a great upgrade if you ask me!

In the midst of this excitement, there’s something important I would like to focus on. According to Google search, it has been 10 years since the introduction of the first iPhone to the market. At the Macworld convention on the 9th of January 2007 the late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and it received an ample amount of media attention. He whets the appetite of people by informing the world of the first iPhone that was to be released within the same year. The world finally had access to the phone when it was introduced to the market on the 29th of June 2007. Since then Apple has continually implemented new upgrades for each new iPhone. They made the iPhones sleeker, better, smaller, with a longer battery life, and so many other fantastic upgrades.

To be honest, I think the changes and upgrades implemented at the earlier stages were actually more extraordinary than what we’ve seen over the past few years from the recent ones. The reason for this is that Steve Jobs insisted on the initial creativity. Right now when Apple is about to bring forth another iPhone with a distinct upgrade, I think the question to ask is where is the Holographic iPhone? Can it scan, record 3G objects or can it even project? If it was in the days of the late Steve Jobs, I believe it would have flooded the market right now but unfortunately, the present boss Tim Cook can’t do what Steve Job did back in the day.

Personal Research for You to Understand All This

I think you should read ‘innovation philosophy and the history of Silicon Valley’ to understand my focus and the distinction between the innovation we should expect from Apple and what we are seeing now. I also suggest that you read “The Intel Trinity” which was written by Michael S. Malone who is a former reporter for the Mercury News in Silicon Valley. I also stumbled on his video on YouTube where he gave a lecture and some of his interviews too. You can also see the YouTube video “Sci-Fi holograms a step closer” by ANU TV which was posted on the 23rd of January 2017.
There are some out of the ordinary articles written in the Singularity Institute online news on the 14th of February 2017 that I particularly enjoyed. It was written by Peter Rejeck and it was titled “Holograms Aren’t The Stuff of Science Fiction Anymore”

The article states that

"A study published online in Nature Photonics by a team of researchers
in Korea has developed a 3D holographic display that they write performs
more than 2600 times better than existing technologies. Meanwhile,
researchers led by a team in Australia claimed in the journal Optica
to have invented a miniature device that creates the highest-quality
holographic images to date.. The papers were published within three
days of each other last month."

Although the holographic iPhone hasn’t been produced, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be in the market now. Everything that’s needed for it to be produced is available. The holographic iPhone can be made to the right size and specifications with the right R&D funding which isn’t too much for Apple to spend from the amount they make yearly. In conclusion, I don’t think the company still has the initial vision that Steve Jobs had and right now they are simply relaxing and I think they are lost in the positive reviews and cash coming in. What the late founder had in mind for Apple should be made to live on and it shouldn’t die with him.

I believe Apple should be on their feet and do something extraordinary with the iPhone that will be produced in the years to come. If it doesn’t, I can bet there are so many phone making companies especially the upcoming ones that will not just give them a run for their money but will also become the trail blazer. This will make their stock fall and we might just be at the beginning of the end of iPhones right now. I hope the company considers this so they can forge ahead and remain on top.