The Features Of Instagram Owing To Its Growth

Progress is something that has been our constant partner over the past few centuries. Every idea thought of, every invention made has only been made to make our lives easier. Everything is better, everything is easier than it was before; one click and you are as close to having the whole world on your fingertips. But with the progress came the loss of touch from our human side. We went from being social beings to just another machine-like beings, working for money that never seems to satisfy us, always being in a state of constant mental exhaustion with our faces glued to our inventions as though they would help us survive and fill in the void.

Instagram fan base

Instagram is mostly used by youngsters and celebrities. When you think about social media the only thought is that you get to be social, but Instagram has not only used that feature, it has also made it easier to even earn money through it and get your talent appreciated. Instagram started a new algorithm where the higher the number of Instagram likes, the more the amount debited into your account in the case of very famous people.

Every teenager’s and the majority of adult’s daily routine now includes checking Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But the personal favorite of people is Instagram. Its theme is to share pictures and videos online. On 6th October it was launched by its creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. What started as an innocent way to keep in touch with people, ended up to be something that soon took away people’s time and peace of mind. With this fame over the years, the platforms to buy instagram followers have increased more and more.

Features of likes

There are many more features of the “LIKES” on Instagram.

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  2. Association With The World: Many of us are aware of this feature, but you can actually post your photos and videos with appropriate hashtags. It makes your uploaded pictures and videos public so that anybody searching within the same hashtags would be able to review your picture if it gets plenty of likes.
  3. Boost Up Your Popularity: Everyone wants to get famous overnight and become a celebrity. Well, Instagram can do that for you. All you need is attractive pictures of your product or writing or even yourself. To make it more beautiful, you can write creative captions and use appropriate hashtags. You can also use the followers’ service, just buy instagram followers and leave the rest to Instagram and let the likes do its magic.

You shouldn’t blame the social media for this, I think that the main fault is in our system of living. It is easier to blame the kids for being too addicted when the reason why they sort towards these methods is because of isolation. While the parents are busy working a nine to five job barely having time to spend it with their kids, I wouldn’t blame the kids for moving to buy instagram followers which would give them the attention they need.