IP : 192.168.l.l Router Login Username & Password

For the connection of the computer networks, we need a networking device. Router is one of the networking device used for computer networking process. Web pages, emails are the form of data types that are sent from one router to the other, and that’s how a communication takes place over a computer network. In an interconnected network, the routers exchange the information of the destination addresses by means of set of routing protocol. The routing tables are built by each router. These routing table consist of the paths present between two systems in an interconnected network. But a router must required its default ip address for login and configure purpose. Using this www login .com to login to your own router and change the default settings and set the new login credentials.

Network element modules:

Router have two kinds of module on network element that are organised in two planes:

  • Control plane: Connection by means of physical interface is done by using static routes which are basically preconfigured internal directives or learning the routes dynamically with the help of router protocol. Storage of these static and dynamic routes is done by means of routing tables.
  • Forwarding plane: Routers, send data packets from source to the destination, creating an interface connection. The packet’s header contains information about the right network type. This information is then matched with the entries supplied by control panel in the FIB.

Types of routers:

Routers are of two types:

  • Corded routers: corded routers are connected with wire. To be exact they are the opposite of wireless routers. Corded routers possess high class data transmission. Before opting for a corded router you need to check the specifications.
  • Wireless routers: to interact or to share the data, these sort of routers don’t use any cord, they are wireless. Using wires could be messy but, on the other hand if you choose to connect all your computers with wireless routers. Then, you free yourself from all wiring problems. They use aerials transmitting signals or even radio waves.


Routers are used for many purposes. They are listed below.

  • Provide security.
  • Different networks are routed.
  • Are used for internet connectivity plus internal use.

Instead modems, most of the user opt for a router. The reason behind this replacement is, you need to buy modem for every single machine. But it’s different for routers, only one router is enough for creating the local network. Routers work on both, LAN and WAN. They can be connected to architecture and media, facilitating work in company. Different architectures are connected with the help of routers, such as token ring and Ethernet. Filtration of the broadcast is done by router, when they are lead them between two interfaces.